Technological innovation


Integrate industry technology resources, establish domestic and foreign design companies and scientific research institutions for different industries through the European Technology Center and the Chinese Technology Center, continuously improve technological innovation capabilities, and create a first-class technological innovation platform.

In China, the company has established large-scale provincial R&D institutions such as "Zhejiang Lianyang High Performance Composite Materials Research Institute" and "Lianyang Fiber Composite Materials Provincial High-tech R&D Center", equipped with advanced R&D equipment such as microcomputer-controlled universal testing machines , With comprehensive R&D and testing capabilities for technical fabrics, structural core materials, composite laminates, composite sandwich panels and other products. We will establish a joint R&D center with Wuhan University of Technology to further improve our market development capabilities in the development of thermoplastic composite products and the application of marine composite products.

Internationally, we have a full set of testing capabilities for chemical raw materials, polymer foams, and sandwich composite materials, and will participate in blade design companies, joint design companies for shipbuilding and carbon fiber applications, and equity design companies for sports equipment and carbon fiber applications, forming a strategic partnership , To improve the company's leading capabilities in technology research and development and new product development.

R & D results

In 2013, the company was rated as a provincial-level high-tech enterprise. Both existing products and products under research have independent intellectual property rights, and have obtained 9 national invention patent authorizations and 38 utility model patents.

Obtained successively Zhejiang Science and Technology SMEs, Jiaxing Patent Demonstration Enterprises, Zhejiang High-tech Enterprises, Zhejiang Innovative Demonstrative SMEs, Provincial High-tech Enterprise Research and Development Centers, Jiaxing Enterprise Technology Center, Zhejiang Lianyang High Performance Composite Materials Research Institute.

Obtained scientific and technological achievements such as gingham composite felt, needle punched composite felt, glass fiber felt, multi-axial stitched felt, sandwich composite felt, and knitted chopped strand felt.


Technical certification