Position:Director (Deputy) of President Office 1

    1. Age 24-35 years old 

    2. English level 6 and above 

    3. Large and medium-sized enterprises have been engaged in administrative positions for more than 3 years, with good writing skills 

    4. Experience in the president's office and assistant general manager is preferred 

    5. Work location: Yunrong Center, Development Avenue, Tongxiang City

    Basic annual salary 15-25 million

Other annual awards: We also provide goal achievement awards according to different department positions; innovation awards (continuous improvement, revenue increase and cost reduction, technological innovation, management innovation, etc.); annual comprehensive awards

Core employee rewards: over-target profit sharing rewards, stock option incentives, etc.

Welfare subsidies: According to the situation, we also provide rental subsidies, education subsidies, title subsidies, working age subsidies, overtime subsidies, etc.; five social insurance and one housing fund, free working meals, paid annual leave, holiday benefits, training and further study, tourism, etc.

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